Achieving the ideal design for your project can be a very daunting task. A truly great design must consider many various design factors such as how space utilization, comfort, and personal preferences. However, it should also consider physical features such as the way the structure integrates into the neighborhood and area as a whole, how it will be affected by weather, what type of foundation it needs, and what environmental hazards it must be protected from. Finally, a great design must also consider design trends, how technology is changing the way people work and live, and the long-term objectives for the space.

Fortunately, at ArtHouse we can help our clients evaluate these complicated, multi-faceted design considerations, as well as the full array of other opportunities, challenges, and objectives that are characteristic of their particular project. Our design consultation services connects clients with our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable architects and designers. We can help you:

– Maximize space
– Increase productivity
– Select the right materials
– Incorporate new design trends
– Take advantage of emerging technology
– Create a design that reflects your needs and style

At Arthouse we are dedicated to working collaboratively with clients, colleagues, vendors, and contractors to create ideal spaces for our clients. Our design consultation services take this integrated, bigger picture view into account, allowing us to customize each design to best serve the needs of the particular project.